10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only a little over a month away already! If you’re anything like me, you either start shopping months before the holidays, or a week before with no in between. Whether you are an early bird or a last minute shopper, we have you covered with 10 gift ideas for the book lover in your life. With purchase links! (You’re welcome.)

Neck Reading Light

This adjustable reading light from Amazon is perfect for the reader who loves to read in bed and wants to read without disturbing their partner (or their cat, we don’t judge).

Get it from Glocusent for $19.99

The Comfy

We know from experience it’s hard to get a reader off of the couch. But with The Comfy, you can at least make the time they spend there infinitely more comfortable. Plus, it comes in a bunch of colors and patterns.

Get it from The Comfy for $49.99

A Cute Book Tote

Trips to the bookstore are guaranteed when you have a bookish person in your life. Help them make their trip just a little easier with a cute book tote (because we know they won’t buy only one book).

Get this one from Barnes & Noble for $17.99

Personalized Book Stamp

If you know someone who loves to lend their books, make sure they always get them back with a book stamp! We love this stamp from Pickled Stamps on Etsy. They have a variety of designs available, and you can either get a stamp or an embosser.

Check out their designs starting at $14.95

Night Stand Book Holder

Make it easy for your reader to set down their book without losing their place with this book holder! No bookmark needed.

Get it from COLWood Craft for $27.75

Line Markers

Bookmarks are great, but they’re useless when you always forget what line you’re on. Take away the hassle by using these line markers from Book Darts.

Get them from Book Darts for $14.99

Sticky Tabs

Make annotation easy with these sticky tabs from Morandi. They come in several color-coded styles so that even the most OCD readers are covered.

Get them from Morandi for $9.98

Literature Candles

These candles are inspired by our favorite classic books. Help any reader set the mood with these scents.

Get them from Uncommon Goods for $32.00

Personal Library Kit

It’s every reader’s dream to have their own personal library. Help the reader in your life get theirs started with this personal library kit.

Get it from Knock Knock for $22.58

Top 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster

Even the most avid reader might have missed a few of these must-read books. Scratch off each book after you finish it and then boast about your progress with this fun poster.

Get it from Enno Vatti for $24.99

Whether you are picking up these gifts for yourself or someone else, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list. However, if you do want to buy someone a book, we recommend the A Court of Thorns and Roses series if they haven’t already read it!

Comment below and tell us which of these gifts you’d most want to receive this holiday season!

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