About Ash & Ky

Ash & Ky

About Ash & Ky’s Friendship

Ash & Ky started out a little bit like an enemies to lovers trope. They first met in middle school, and instantly didn’t like each other over stupid things (like boys). They hated each other for years and avoided each other at all costs. However, in high school, they started to have more and more mutual friends and, eventually, were forced to hang out with each other.

It was then that Ash & Ky realized that they had a ton of things in common,

including their love for reading. They’ve been best friends ever since then, and have been going on strong for almost 15 years. One day, while discussing a book series that they had both read, they decided that it may be fun to start reviewing these series themselves as well as engaging in discussions with fellow book lovers. Hence, Between Worlds was born!


Why Between Worlds?

Ash & Ky chose the name “Between Worlds” because that is truly what reading feels like to them. Being sucked into another world and forgetting all about reality. 

They created Between Worlds because they wanted an open and fun space to discuss books with other book lovers. They wanted to compare their reading experiences with others and see unique perspectives on their favorite books. Ash & Ky especially wanted to create a forum where they could easily share things like their favorite quotes and spoilers with others.